Layer up this Fall with New Outerwear from RCC

It’s been a long hot summer but we know it’s coming…the chill of fall. As we welcome the cooler temps and changing leaves, it’s time to dress up your fall wardrobe with some hot new items perfect for cozying by the campfire, going to the rodeo or getting your ranch/horse chores taken care of before heading out on the town. Here’s our top picks for men and women this fall:


Miller Ranch Men’s Black Fleece Lined Tech Jacket

Men, you will be looking good in this fleece-lined soft shell featuring a black double front closure with a zip and custom snap closure. Check out the other features:

  • Pockets on Inside and Out with Two Way Entry
  • Large Pockets on the Front with Snap Closure
  • Upper Chest Pockets with Zip Closure
  • Hidden Inner Pocket with Zipper Closure
  • Adjustable Cuff Snaps
  • Inner Drawstring at the Waist
  • 93% Cotton/7% Spandex
  • Fleece Inner Lining
  • Sizes – M-XXL


Rock & Roll Cowgirl Denim Jacket with Rhinestones

This is a super stylish jean jacket for ladies of all ages! Large rhinestone buttons and smaller rhinestone details make this a must have! Rhinestone studded yoke across the back and large rhinestone buttons at cuffs. Snug, tailored fit is very flattering and the denim offers a slight give in the fabric. Very well made and good, quality denim. Other features:

  • Sandblasted Denim
  • Heavy Stitching
  • Princess Seams, Pockets and Flaps
  • Double Pointed Back Yoke with Crystal Rhinestones
  • Rhinestone Buttons and Rivets
  • 98% Cotton/2% Spandex
  • Sizes – S-XL

There you have it! Our top pick for men’s and women’s fall outerwear. Of course, we also have a large selection of jackets, vests, and sweatshirts and hoodies for any fall activity you may be dreaming up. Please visit an RCC Western Store or online and let us help you find the perfect outfit or gift this fall!

Back to School – Comment to win

It’s that time again! Back to school! Check out this outfit we have put together and let us know – What are your “must have items” for Back to School 2012? Comment below to win a prize to help you carry your favorite items!

Back to School - 2012


Faded jeans

Leather shoes


RCC Product of the Week, Double-H Boots, Win a Pair Here

A lot of us are going through a lot of ice in this summer’s record heat, but Nathan Patterson of Double-H Boot Company, doesn’t think it’s likely that you’ll be going through the ICE outsole available on many styles of Double-H boots.  Double-H is traditionally known for their western work boots and they make a large number of styles right here in the USA! We asked Nathan to answer a few questions about Double-H boots, our Product of the Week.

RCC- Tell us about the ICE sole.  What does that mean?

Nathan- “Although there is no specific definition to the acronym “ICE,” the design does mimic an “icicle” design.  With each boot that is accompanied with an ICE outsole, whether it be black, oak, or chocolate, the outsole provides great flexibility, oil and slip resisting, outstanding abrasion factor, and is extremely long-wearing.”

RCC- What styles come with an ICE sole and what new styles also have an ICE heel?

Nathan- “We currently have over 40 styles that are offered with the incredibly long-wearing ICE outsole.  We pride ourselves with this specific outsole and have offered it in 3 choices:  black, oak, and chocolate.  We also offer many styles that use the ICE heel which strengthens the overall wear of the outsole.  In addition, the ICE outsole comes in a single unit outsole.”

RCC- What do you think makes Double-H stand out; quality, comfort?

Nathan- “For over 50 years, Double-H Boots has redefined extraordinary crafting, innovative work, western, and dress styles designed for today’s new breed of cowboy,  the hardworking men and women on the millions of farms, fields, and ranches across America who demand performance and the best of durability, comfort, and style.  We stand out due to the many hands that touch each boot.  It takes over 125 separate processes to create a beautifully handcrafted product that fits our exacting standards and those of our customers.  Each process is meticulously executed with precision and great care.”

RCC- Any “sneak peeks” for upcoming styles?

Nathan- “While maintaining our focus with work western, stay tuned for styles that accommodate the needs of our new breed of cowboy.  Each year styles change or become better with updated technology.   We currently offer our customers a select amount of styles that are fashion driven.  Will we expand?  Stay tuned!  Double-H, It’s Real.”

This week, through August 10, you can get 10% off any pair of Double-H boots.  Just use promo code “10DH” when you order online, (offer good online only.)  Or, if you’re feeling lucky, tell us what you love about Double-H boots and we will give away a pair to the person submitting the comment we like best!

RCC Product of the Week, Old West Boots, Win a Pair Here

Old West has been making quality leather boots since 1966, and is a popular brand at RCC Western Stores.  Lindy Jo manages the RCC store in Concord, NC, and nobody knows cowgirl style better than she!

We asked her why she thinks Old West boots are so popular with western wear customers, and threw in some of your own questions while we were at it.

What is the best thing about Old West Boots?

Lindy did not hesitate; “Price point!  These are all leather boots, both mens’ and ladies,’ and they come with a leather sole so they can be re-soled.  This is just a really nice looking boot.  An all leather boot for under $150.00, we sell a ton of them!”

The “Taylor Swift look” is the hottest thing in western/mainstream crossover fashion right now.  For someone trying to achieve this look, which Old West boot does Lindy recommend?

“The LF1529 Tan Canyon Fashion or if you want a darker brown color, the LF1534 Brown Canyon Fashion.  It has that popular 11” shaft and it’s simple enough that it goes with anything, but has enough western design that it’s not boring.”

What is your most popular womens’ style?

“That Tan Canyon we were just talking about and also the LF1510, which is the same boot in black.  The LF1526 Chocolate and Denim with that bluish/turquoise shaft is really popular right now, too.”

Do the adult sizes run true-to-size?

“They are a little narrower than what you find with some other brands.  A lot of customers seem to be going about a half-size smaller than with some other popular boots.”

And what about the kids’ sizes?

“Huge!  They are actually about one whole size bigger than most others, we recommend trying them about a size smaller than normal.”  For kids’ boots she prefers the crepe sole to the PVC.  “I just don’t think that hard plastic sole holds up as well.”

RCC customer Erika in her Old West boots


There are as many ways to wear Old West boots as there are people who wear them!  In the summer we see them with jeans in the evening, with dresses and cutoffs during the day, (that look is usually reserved for the ladies!) covered with dirt and mud working on the ranch, even with a suit or tuxedo.  How do you wear your boots?  Tell us in the comments below and we will pick our favorite submission to win a new pair of Old West boots!  Or, just order some online through July 27.  When you use promo code “OLDWEST” you will save 15% off any pair of Old West boots.

What is a Cowgirl?

What is a Cowgirl? It’s an attitude, a spirit, a woman or girl who once looked upon a horse and was instantly spellbound. Her heart forever free, never to be tamed. A cowgirl is a timeless treasure – Forever young.

Tell us what you think a Cowgirl is for a chance to win your choice of a mystery prize!

Cowgirl - Forever Young

Cowgirl Tuff Flirt Jean Skirt

Cowboy hat

Just a Splash of Cowgirl Cool

Just a Splash

It has been one super-hot summer so far, but this lightweight tunic from Roper® will let you feel as cool as you look!  Finish the look off with a pair of Corral® boots and just the right accessories.

Purple tunic

Straw cowboy hat

Nocona buckle belt

RCC Product of the Week, Justin Gypsy Boots, Win a Pair Here

Gypsy; n, one inclined to a nomadic, unconventional way of life – American Heritage Dictionary         

Justin Gypsy; developed for women with an independent, self-reliant, fun, western attitude – Louis Russo, Justin Brand Manager.

justin gypsy boots

Louis Russo was well established with Justin by the time the Gypsy Collection was introduced five years ago, and he admits that they were a little surprised by the Gypsy’s runaway success.  The Gypsy line has a distinctive look, with its rounded toe, saddle vamp, and shorter shaft.  But not all styles within the line fit that over-generalized description.  What exactly is it?  We asked Russo, what makes a Gypsy a Gypsy?

He explains, “The Justin Gypsy product is designed as an extremely comfortable, fun, boot that could be worn casually or for functional performance.  While designing the product, we were very specific in ensuring the outsole was stirrup friendly.  We had it tested to ensure organizations such as the National High School Rodeo Association and The AQHA and AQHYA were comfortable in allowing women to compete in this product.  That all goes back to Justin’s authenticity and boot making knowledge.

“All Justin Gypsy products have a fun attitude in their styling.  We do offer various toe profiles and heights.  And, we just introduced some new triad styles which our retailers are very excited about and will begin shipping into stores in mid-September.”

justin boots - gypsy

So, the Gypsy is a good-looking boot, what about other features, like comfort?

“All Justin Gypsy styles have the same outsole and comfort package,” says Russo, ”and they all have a very comfortable, removable orthotic insert and are constructed with the Justin J-Flex Comfort Technology which provides great sole flexibility.  There really is no break in period, they are comfortable from the first time you put them on.”

Do they all have the perfed saddle vamp?  What is the function of this?

Russo continues, “Not all styles have the saddle vamp.  We let the look determine if a saddle vamp is incorporated or not.  The original purpose of a saddle vamp was to provide extra wear durability in the stirrup and for spur straps while wearing spurs.  Today it is primarily a styling issue as all of our leathers will stand up to that wear.”

The Justin Gypsy is our product of the week.  Now through July 20 you will save $10.00 on any pair of Justin Gypsies you order online. Just use discount code “GYPSY” from the coupon below when you place your order.  Or, tell us in the comments below your favorite thing about the Justin Gypsy. We’ll pick one winner to receive a pair free!

SHOP for Justin Gypsy Boots online NOW!


Testing, one, two…. Can you hear me?

Hey, friends!

We just wanted to make sure you all know about our new blog.  It was just launched recently, so there’s not a lot to see here yet, but we promise more to come soon.

I Love RCC

Right now, we’re looking for “Customer Lifestyle” stories.  Click on the link above and submit a photo and a short story about how you use RCC products in your everyday life, whether working, studying, playing… whatever it is you do.  If we publish your submission, you get free stuff from RCC!

There is a form where you can give us any feedback you have pertaining to RCC, whether you want to tell us about an experience you had in one of our stores or offer your suggestion for a product you would like to see  us offer online.  Your feedback may be worth some free stuff from RCC.

In the near future, we will be asking for your favorite western/farm/country inspired recipes, for which we will be offering free stuff from RCC.

We will also be featuring “Staff Stories” from RCC’s staff of 300+ employees, a group that collectively possesses a vast wealth of knowledge.  We will be answering any questions you may have relating to western fashion and work wear.  We’ll cover topics like leather care, how to select a properly fitting cowboy boot or cowboy hat, western wear history, any advice you need.  And if we don’t know the answer, we know someone who does, and we’ll get it for you.  Whatever you want to know, ask us and guess what… if we use your question, you get free stuff from RCC!

Let’s get this party started.  Leave a comment below telling us what you like best about RCC, and we’ll select one to receive… you guessed it… free stuff from RCC!

Western Wear in NYC?

One of the best things about working for RCC is meeting the customers.  Today, I met one of them when I called to discuss his recent order with RCC and had a most pleasant conversation with him.  Meet Chris McDaniel…

Ropes Whips and Songs About Cows

Chris needed some western wear for a show he’s doing in Manhattan opening July 20 at the Canal Park Playhouse.  It turns out he is a bullwhip/rope trick artist, singer-songwriter and an absolutely captivating entertainer with a great sense of humor.  I looked at his website while speaking with him, and I just have to share it with y’all!

He first picked up the craft working with Larry Gatlin, when Gatlin played Will Rogers in “Will Rogers Follies” on Broadway.  McDaniel’s act originated later in Nashville with his Opryland debut in 1991, and he has been honing it ever since.

Chris McDaniel

McDaniel is admittedly practicing a dying art, but he says, “I enjoy presenting an art form which has evolved out of the rather unglamorous reality of the hardship of life in the old west.”  Buffalo Bill, Will Rogers, and other old west performers years ago used to take the show to the people in the eastern US, because they never got to visit the west and see it firsthand.  He adds, “New York City audiences are some of the best because they never get to see this.”

Check out video of his performances, including an appearance on “Late Night with David Letterman,” at  If you’re going to be in New York the last two weekends in July, you should try to catch his show.  If not, he tours extensively so watch for him in your area.  After other dates this summer, he will be appearing at Silver Dollar City in Branson from September 13 through October 29.

Happy trails, Chris!

Comment below for a chance to win free stuff and submit your own “Customer Story” by clicking on the link above!

Cowboy “Tycoon” Modern Day Look

COMMENT to win a bag to carry all your cowboy gear!

The Tycoon is the modern day cowboy/business man that knows how to look good. He enjoys quality cowboy boots and western wear that allow him to move from the board room to his King Ranch Ford pickup, to his best saddle horse and check on his ranch operations. You may find him anywhere in the western US or most likely Texas.

Cowboy "Tycoon"